Introducing Buck! Powered by IBM Watson.

Introducing Buck!     Powered By Ibm Watson.

In our introduction post and video, we mentioned IBM Watson, but we really didn’t give too much detail about what a cool, super-powered AI he is. We had so many other things to tell you about! So, today we want to dive into detail on exactly what IBM Watson is, why it sets us apart, and— most importantly, why this is going to be so great for you! 

Buckle in, we are so excited to introduce you to our IBM Watson AI, or as we like to call him, Buck. 

What is IBM Watson?

IBM Watson is Artificial Intelligence housed in one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. I know what you are thinking, “Oh! Just like in all those sci-fi movies where the robots try and take over the human race, right?” Wrong! Buck couldn’t be more different from an evil AI overlord, our AI is here just to take care of you. IBM Watson Assistant was developed to be a service base that could be trained, taught, and feel like something you were having a conversation with its natural language learning capabilities. You will be able to message Buck at any time from our website or our Facebook and ask him a whole host of questions to do with shipping, production times, vendors and so much more! 

Unlike other AI and Chat bots, Buck is designed to be conversational and easy to understand. He isn’t here to try and mimic human typing and patterns, he’s here to get you the most information in the easiest way possible. The best thing about Buck is the more information we add to him the more he will become able to communicate deeper information. As we grow and evolve him, you will begin to see changes and get even more information from him.

Buck helps us stand apart.

On a traditional website, you might find a part or accessory that you are interested in, but hey,  you just want to look at a few other things first. Then through a series of haphazard clicks, and exciting product descriptions you’ve wandered too far and you can’t find your way back to those awesome lock-on grips you were just looking at. 

Luckily, Buck will be there at the bottom right-hand side of our page, just a click away, to let you know exactly where you can find them again.

IBM Watson is helping elevate us from a traditional shopping experience to a stream-lined, powerful platform.

How does this benefit you?

This changes your shopping experience. Buck is loaded with information designed to be useful to you any time you have a question; from any part of our platform. This unshackles you from the need to wait for standard customer service hours, or the need to wait for someone to see your message and respond to you— after they do the appropriate research, and who knows how long that might take or how many other customers they are working with. 

Buck is there 24/7 and can guide you toward the product you need. He knows all of our policies, product categories, FAQ/Help sections and much more. This takes hours of research and waiting off your hands, and gives you the comfort and security of knowing that all the information is already there for you.

We built Buck from scratch with the knowledge that we knew would be most beneficial to our customers and we can’t wait for you to meet him. Over time he will become the informational highway for you as a consumer. 

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