UTV Gated Shifters, Inline Shifters, High Lock And More

Utv Gated Shifters, Inline Shifters, High Lock And More

Lets Talk UTV Gated Shifters, And Why

We love providing you with the information you need to marxism your safety and fun while riding your UTV. Talking about why different accessories and products can benefit your rig gives us great joy – after all, that is we are building a platform not just a merchandise site. In the past, we have helped you pick out UTV Skid Plates, your UTV Harnesses, your UTV Seats, and toys like UTV Lights. This time we are discussing UTV shifters

Gated In-line Shifters – Respond to any Situation

In-line shifters are an incredibly useful accessory to install in any UTV. Standard shifters require you to move both vertically and horizontally through the maze of the plate to get out of high and into reverse. In comparison, in-line shifters give you the ability to go from high to reverse with relative ease by simply pulling back in a straight line. 

One of the main reasons to have a gated shifter is to keep yourself from flipping over while climbing hills. On steep inclines if your vehicle starts to get off balance and you feel like you might roll over, a gated in-line shifter allows you to slam the shifter out of low/high gear and right into reverse. This will spin your wheels the opposite direction and allow you to roll backwards rather than flipping over.

While this can take a little practice to get used to, it can greatly increase your safety while paying in the hills! Meaning that you can get out there more and conquer bigger steeper hills knowing that you have an extra tool to keep you safe should you start to flip. 

What does a High Lock Shifter do for your UTV?

Having gates on your shifter requires you to only have to pull the shifter’s trigger in order to move out of certain positions. Standard in-line shifters typically come with just one gate – out of the park position. This makes sure that you do not accidentally nudge the shifter into or out of park. High lock shifters add an additional gate – around high. This means that when you are gaining speed a stray arm, item falling off the dash, or unruly passenger wont accidently shift you out of high – leading to potentially sticky situations. 

How to Change out your UTV Standard Shifter for an In-line One?

Changing out your standard shifter is as easy as apple pie … well it might actually be easier as it has even less steps. For most models, all that is required is simply removing your center console, unattaching your old shifter, and bolting in the new one.

Many people will even purchase both the high lock Gate and the Standard Gate to have both options. This allows you to quickly adapt your UTV to a wide variety of situations depending on your needs. 

What makes the RZR Gated Shifters our Pick?

One of our favorite shifters is the RZR Pro XP gated shifter by Nitro Racing Parts. It is American made with high quality workmanship and easily the cream-of-the-crop.

Here are just some of the many reasons why we love this part: 

  • A sleek modern design – this thing looks much better than the parts of a few decades ago.
  • It is a true in-line shifter with park lockout. Something that no other competitors have.  Meaning that you will no longer have to worry about accidentally shifting to park! 
  • Has an incredibly responsive trigger built into the handle – allowing for quicker access
  • It is made in America out of hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Colored anodized grip options – black, blue, orange, or red. You can customize this shifter to fit any rig (you can even keep it as raw aluminum if that is your thing).
  • Dirt resistant bushings to keep the outside outside.
American Off-Roads Talks UTV Gated Shifters, and More

Our Vehicle Fitment Recommendations

Shifting gears away from the RZR Pro XP Gated Shifter (….get it?), there are plenty of other solid shifters on the market. Our other recommendations include: 

With how easy it is to swap many of these shifters in and out of your loadout you can do some trial and error to find out what suits you best in a variety of situations. 

No matter which shifter you decide is right for your rig, you need to go take a look at our product page, catch up on our two minute Tuesday videos, and get off the web and onto your UTV for some fun! 

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