Why You NEED to Care About Your UTV Seats.

Performance Utv Seats, Full Suspension

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what makes a really, really good UTV seats? If you were picking out a seat for your house, what would you want in it? Support? Comfort? Something you can sink into, kick your feet up, crack open a cold drink in, and then forget about the rest of the world?

Yeah, that sounds pretty great…

When you take each of those elements apart, piece by piece, it always comes down to the same basic idea. Craftsmanship means comfort. The fabric, the cushioning, that sweet, sweet lumbar support– someone designed each of those functions with research, a plan, and a lot of care about your comfort.

Here at American Off-Roads, we think that you should expect the same level of comfort from your UTV seats. You spend your free time, maybe even some of your work time, in them– bouncing around off the beaten path, getting tossed side to side, probably feeling like you might slip over the edge of your seats as you move.

We’ve got a little secret to tell you; it’s not supposed to feel that way. Your side by side seats should be hugging your body into place, preventing extreme movements and possible, next-day, injuries. It should be wide enough for comfort and angled just right for support. There should be some give in the padding of your seat that helps you sink deeper, and more securely into your seat.

If that sounds too good to be true, boy do we have some news for you! Amped Off-Road is changing the game, but before we tell you exactly why, let’s talk about where other seats are lacking.

A quick internet search about stock UTV seats yields dozens of complaints, with some major offenders.

American Off-Roads Talk Amped Off-Road Seats and Give You The Overview

Can-Am X3 seats pop up a lot in consumer complaints. The mounts on their seats tend to loosen, causing the lower quality fabric to rub against the plastic interior of the vehicle until it frays and shreds. After that you are left with a seat that looks rough, is no longer sealed against water and mud (do you know how much bacteria can get in those nooks and crannies when they aren’t sealed right?), and can’t even hold you steady while you move. The seats also tend to be stiff, this will lead to jarring your spine until an injury eventually occurs!

RZR seats are without a doubt, one of the most disliked stock seats on the market. The RZR pro seats are narrow, the edges are short, but at a harsh angle. The rigid nature of the seat absorbs almost none of the impact from the terrain. This is one of the most important features of a side by side seat. If you take nothing else away from what we’ve laid out here, listen to this: Your seats are protection for your body. The longer you protect your body, the longer you can spend out in your UTV!

Then last on our list of problem seats, the Honda Talon seats. These might have the fewest complaints, but it’s all still there. Narrow seats, vibration, impacts felt, joints left aching after your rides. The additional issue with Talon seats is the lack of stabilization inside of the side. You’re likely to slide, and when you slide you tense. We’re right back to those aching muscles!

So we have a solution! And it’s one that can conveniently be bought here on our site. Amped Off-road Seats. These are suspension seats, a network of flexible cords underneath the base allow your body to move naturally with the vehicle instead of jarring you against it. This greatly impacts your bones and joints, leaving you less sore after a rough drive.

Performance Utv Seats, Full Suspension

The side of the seat, instead of being a harsh angle– like the RZR seats, are a more gentle sloping angle, and come up significantly higher on the bottom and further out on the sides. This mimics the effect of a racing seat, hugging your body gently with padded edges on every side.

The fabric is marine-grade, strong, durable and this seat is sealed against water better than any stock seat you’re going to find! 

Performance Utv Seats, Full Suspension

Like the comfy chair we talked about in the beginning, Amped Off-road has taken the time to lovingly craft a seat that takes care of you. The seats are sleek, cool-looking, padded, and protective. If you would take the time to find the perfect chair for your home, we think you should be finding the perfect chair to be between you and your SXS.

Take a look at our Amped Off Road Seats in our UTV Accessories Category!

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