Lets Be Honest, Have You Thought About Upgrading Your UTV Harnesses Yet? Lets Talk about It and Much More.

Recently we had a real heart to heart about why it was absolutely, irrefutably important that you take a long hard look at the stock seats on your UTV. There was a laundry list of reasons that can refresh on right here about UTV Seats, and because there was so much information to go over in that post, we didn’t get a chance to talk to you about another component that goes right along with your side by side seats– UTV Harnesses.

Your side by side harness is as important to a UTV seat as a seatbelt is to your seat in a car. Imagine you have a seatbelt that frays, jams, snaps under pressure, and generally fails to keep you and your passenger safe. What’s the point?

There isn’t much of one, and these are some of the problems with stock harnesses. Sadly, they aren’t the only issue’s you’re going to find. RZR Harnesses and Talon Harnesses both tend to dig into the skin of the wearer (and let’s be real here, we get enough of that in our car already, and we can’t change out those!), and there is little to no padding. X3 Harnesses suffer from a lot of the same issues, AND have a bad habit of being incredibly difficult to tighten over time. If we’re all being honest, they also tend to look less than great. Okay… maybe the last one isn’t a huge priority, but looks matter, right?! When you’re putting all of this time and attention (and money) into your SXS it better look good too!

American Off-Roads is here to solve your problems, yet again! Don’t worry, we like doing it. This is the best hobby around.

Amped Off-Road doesn’t just make the amazing seats we’ve been raving about, they made harnesses too! After everything we’ve told you about the dedication and craftsmanship of Amped Off Road, we don’t think it’s going to be a huge surprise when we tell you this. Their harnesses are just as phenomenal!

American Off-Roads Talk Amped Off-Road Harnesses and Give You The Overview
Off-road Utv And Side By Side Harnesses

Are your current harness straps digging into your shoulders?

Amped Off-Road has two solutions to this issue:

1. You can order your straps in 2” or 3” width to prevent biting into even the most broad of shoulders.

2. Amped Off-road harnesses come with padding that can be removed and moved to different positions inside of the harness. Take a moment to really imagine that! As you are driving through rough terrain, your body held in place by straps of fabric, constantly knocking into narrow straps– now imagine that bruising and aching the next day. That can all be avoided now with wide, comfortable padding that keeps all of the support and safety you need.

To add to the list of features you can, and definitely should, choose to use– these bad boys come with a removable, adjustable sternum strap. This durable strap sits across (you guessed it!) your sternum, keeping your straps snuggly in place, and adding even more points of contact to keep you from bouncing around. A four point harness is usually enough for most people, but adding more security never hurts!

The harness is safer than your stock harnesses, but that’s not all they are bringing to the table. In our shop we currently have EIGHT vibrant colors. That way you can mix and match to your heart’s content and find the perfect color scheme for your UTV…. before you get it covered in mud, that is. (Don’t worry, it’ll wash right off!)

2 thoughts on “What’s in a UTV Harnesses? Turn’s out… a lot!

  1. stevehoppe says:

    So where can we get a throwover cover for x3 factory seats to use when muddy or wet out or just to wash and keep them dry? No one sells a product that is made to fit.

    • aor says:

      We have not seen a product like that, but that is a good idea and wondering if someone does make one.

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