Light Up The Night, 5150 Whips Has You Covered

Usually when we talk here we’re talking to you about something you might not know, a lot of times we want you to know why one of our products can make you safe, happier, relieve a pain point from your UTV to make sure you are getting the maximum enjoyment possible. Call it a return on the investment you’ve already put in! We care about you and your good times.

So we’ve talked about your UTV Skid Plates, your UTV Harnesses, your UTV Seats, and so much more!

This time we’re going to have a little more fun. UTV Lights!

What EXACTLY is a whip? 

A whip is a whole lotta fun! 

Okay, okay a SXS whip is a little different than that kind of whip– but also a lotta fun. A whip is, essentially, an LED pole that you attach to your vehicle, ATV’s, UTV’s, many different kinds of vehicles can have whips attached. These large poles have gotten more and more advanced over the years and through their own unique kind of evolution are now here– with 5150 187 Whips.

American Off-Roads Talks 5150 187 Whips and Give You The Overview

Okay, so why THESE whips?
Oh man, we’re super glad you asked. 

5150 Whips The Maker Of 187 UTV whips are killing the competition! (Get it? 187 is the California pineal code for murder. But when you explain the joke, I hear it makes it less funny. I respectfully disagree, this is still a great joke!) 


Here are some of the highlights of why these whips are phenomenal:

  • A wide variety of sizes! You have a small ATV, we have 2 footers! A larger SXS? We have 3 footer sets! These bad boys can go all the way up to 6 feet.
  • 187 Whips are Bluetooth controlled. Meaning you pick the colors, you pick the pattern, you pick the speed– they can even dance to music! Imagine blasting your favorite song, top volume as you drive in the dark, strobing LED’s lighting the way!
  • Simple to disassemble and reassemble! Once you have everything set up, you can take the whips down in a matter of a couple of minutes thanks to the magnetic release!
  • This amazing set of whips can be wired to work as brake lights and turn lights. While you might see this as the most flashy of the features. It’s definitely an added safety feature.
  • And arguably the best feature… a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

You can bend this thing from head to toe, run over it, do any of the normal things that might damage a whip– and while we’re pretty sure you won’t even be able to dent this thing. If you do many to get some superhuman strength and accidentally destroy your UTV whip, 5150 has a lifetime warranty on their whip.There are tons of lights 5150 offers for your UTV, they can even be connected to the same module and work through their app. 

So if you want to whip it right, you need to go take a look at our product page, catch up on our two minute Tuesday, and have some fun!

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