How a RZR Front Diff Rebuild Kit is the No Brainer Way to Upgrade your UTV

How A Rzr Front Diff Rebuild Kit Is The No Brainer Way To Upgrade Your Utv

Lets Talk RZR Front Diff Rebuild

Here at American Off-Roads we are all about helping you learn more about your UTV. We want you to know all about what makes your UTV tick, how to upgrade it, and how to swap out certain parts to meet the demands of different situations. That is why we have made guides for how to pick out your UTV Harnesses, what UTV Seats work the best for different people, and explored why you need a Gated Inline Shifter. Today, we are taking a deep dive into the front end of your rig to look at what you gain by using a front diff repair kit. .

Why You Should Upgrade Your RZR Front Differential 

Your rig deserves to be treated well. It works hard to provide you with thrills, chills, and potentially a few spills. However, you have not been treating it right. Keeping plastic in your front differential is no way to reward your UTV for all it gives you. Luckily, our RZR Diff Kits allow you to rip (or gently remove) all that plastic crap that causes you the liability of catastrophic failure and replaces it with made in America aluminum parts. There will be no more leaky seals, scratched pins, or weird noises for your UTV if you use Sandcrafts fantastic Diff Kits. Upgrading your rig with one of these is the easiest way to increase your ride’s durability and extend its life-span. After all, your UTV deserves parts that will withstand the torture you throw at it.

American Off-Roads Talks RZR Diff Kits and Overview

What Comes In Your RZR Front Diff Kit

These UTV Front Diff kits contain everything you need to upgrade your front differential. Virtually every part has been upgraded from plastic and made to last. 

12 Tooth Aluminum Sprague Cage

This cage is the best on the market. Made out of anodized hardened billet aluminum it can withstand virtually anything you try to throw at it. Pro-tip: when you go to replace your Sprague Cage, unroll a rubber band or hair tie around it. This way your rollers and H Clips won’t fall out/get disjointed and make it harder than it needs to be to replace. Just make sure to take the rubber band off… 

Note that you can also add-on new H Clips and Rollers to your kit if needed. While you don’t have to replace your H Clips unless you have damage (scaring, nicks) it is highly recommended to change them. After all, these clips and rollers are a HUGE upgrade to the stock model’s. 

Upgraded Bearing & Seals

Having leaky seals on your UTV is completely unnecessary. These repair kit’s will help to make sure that leaky seals are a thing of the past as the kit includes specifically designed SKF race bearings, upgraded seals, & bullet proof 300m heat treated solid dowel pin. No hollow stock dowel pins in this kit, this comes with a bullet proof 300m heat treated solid dowel pin. The SKF bearings included are tried and true and are sure to withstand the test of time. 

Billet Torsion Retainer*

Torsion Retainers are typically a plastic piece and one of the leading causes of catastrophic failure for front diffs. However, with the RZR Front Diff Repair Kit you can swap out both plastic and your worries for billet aluminum. This upgrade raises the bar when it comes to increased durability and dynamic load capabilities. 

UTV Cage Plate*

This cage plate is completely redesigned and unlike ANYTHING else on the market. It It has tremendously increased the simple and combined radius load which can now be transferred in your machines 4WD engagement. 

*Note: these parts are meant to be married together. DO NOT attempt to marry an upgraded Retainer/Plate to a stock Retainer/Plate. 

Check Out The Front Differential Repair Kits We Have In Stock

The Sandcraft Motorsports Front Differential Repair Kits that we offer at American Off-roads are all made in America, come with our standard free shipping, cashback rewards, and will be at your door in 24-36 (as long as the supply chain holds up). It has never been easier to upgrade your rig so that you can continue on with extreme riding style without the stress of potential front diff failure. So go ahead, and treat yourself to a durable, leak free, and safer front differential that no more plastic junk.

Note: when looking at our Front Differential Repair Kits check out the Vehicle Fitment tab to make sure that you have the right kit for both the model AND the year of your UTV.

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