Lets Talk Trinity Racing Exhaust Systems

So you want to upgrade your UTV or ATV? If so, then an upgraded Trinity Racing Exhaust system should be at the top of your list – especially if you want to tune your engine to anything above stage 3 or above. A stock exhaust will simply not give your vehicle enough power to be able to reach its fullest potential. To really up your game, an exhaust system by Trinity Racing will increase your vehicle’s horsepower, cool your engine, and give your machine a much better sound.

What we Love about the Trinity Racing Stage 5 Exhaust 

This UTV Exhaust is a significant upgrade in almost every way from the stock model. Every part of it is made in America of the highest quality metals and materials. The craftsmanship really shows in the quality, longevity, and aesthetic of the parts. These systems feature billet aluminum connectors, 304 stainless steel, tig welding, and parts made to last. Meaning that you will both boost the performance of your vehicle and avoid unsightly and damaging corrosion. In addition, the flexibility these rigs allow  by giving you customizable technical specs (like optional quiet cores) and color/finish options goes a long way to ensure that everybody will find a combination of selections to work perfectly with their UTV or ATV.

Options and Colors For You to Choose

Like most of the parts we feature at American Off-Roads, these Trinity Exhaust Systems are highly customizable. You have your pick between finishes, system setup, and various add-ons.

To start, you can choose the color of your exhaust. Options include black (you can’t go wrong with basic black), brushed finish (highlighting the quality of the 304 stainless steel), or cerakote finish (giving your entire exhaust – minus the springs – a sleek black exterior). In addition, you can also decide if you want flush muffler tips or not.

From there you can pick what technical features you want on your UTV/ATV exhaust system. You can have your choice between either a full system or a slip on system – depending on whether you want to add a head pip or not. After that, you can decide whether to add quiet cores or not.

No matter what you choose, an exhaust system by Trinity Racing is sure to up your game.

Pro Xp Exhaust

Black Coated


Brushed Finish

Trinity Racing Polaris Rzr Xp Turbo Exhaust System

Cerakote Coated

What Does the Trinity Exhaust Sound Like?

Trinity’s quit cores change the game. They keep your vehicle sounding awesome, with a deep growl, but still let the motor breath. All while you stay a noise violation complaint. Most states limit how high your ATV/UTVs released decibels can be at somewhere between 95-100. For example, Wisconsin limits you to just 96 decibels. Quiet Cores help you stay legal while not compromising on what you want/need out of a muffler. 

We replicated the test used by most manufacturers and regulators to demonstrate the difference installing quiet cores can make. Without quiet cores, our RZR Turbo equipped with The Trinity Full System registered at 95-100DBs when brought to 4000 RPM. In comparison, that same vehicle only registered 93-95 DBs with a quiet core involved. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the video of our testing.

Two Min Tuesday, Trinity Racing Stage 5 Exhaust Walk Through. Features and Sound Test

How Trinity Quiet Cores Work

While it might seem complicated, these quiet cores are a relatively simple piece of equipment to understand – though that doesn’t make them any less technically sophisticated. These cores change the airflow leaving the muffler in order to bring the noise levels down.

To make things even easier, purchasing one of the sets that completely replaces your stock kit is easy to install. Heck, it is even easy to swap your Quiet Cores in and out depending on whether you are going to be riding on private or public lands.

To install quiet cores all you need to do is:

  1. Remove the Trinity muffler.
  2. Unscrew the four screws on the billet aluminum cap that keeps the tube and the muffler together.
  3. Insert the quiet core into the muffler and line up ear shaped prongs on the baseplate with the deeper pre-etched inlets. 
  4. Put the spark resistor on top of the quiet core. It should stay right inplace thanks to the more shallow inlets. 
  5. Simply put your cap back on and reteach your muffler! 

What UTV/ATVs Can Use a Trinity Exhaust System?

We carry Trinity Racing tubes and exhaust systems for a wide variety of UTVs and ATVs. All featuring 4-48 hour shipping times, flexible financing options, and our 5% cash back loyalty rewards program.

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