The Best RZR Doors Around

Whether it be for play, racing, or work, if you are looking to take your UTV out for some serious off-road time then you need to upgrade your UTV doors. Upgraded doors swap out the plastic OEM stock doors and replace them with sturdy metal that give your UTV full body protection from mud, debris and side impacts. These doors by Madigan Motorsports replace your factory RZR doors with race-inspired off-road ready doors featuring improved safety, style, and structure. These should be a no-brainer near automatic upgrade for any UTV owner.

What Sets Madigan Doors So Far Apart From Stock?

Madigan doors pack a lot of upgrade value for your dollar. They come with aluminum panels to keep your UTV’s weight down but reinforce them with sturdy steel frames. The panels are connected with Dzus tabs.

These Madigan doors are going to increase your vehicle’s durability, longevity, and survivability. The increased surface area protects a larger section of your cab as they are larger, thicker, and have superior bracing to stock doors. In the event of a roll-over, you are going to wish you had these doors installed. Even for everyday use, Madigan doors will be more crack resistant, guard against grime, and will provide extra protection in case of a collision. .

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How You Can Customize Your Madigan Doors

One of the best things about Madigan doors is that you can customize them to suit your needs. To start, you can choose whether you want your doors in powder coated black or with a raw finish. If those do not suit your fancy, then you are in luck as the flat exterior is perfectly set up to be wrapped. Meaning that these doors can sport virtually any design you want. 

In addition to the cosmetics, Madigan doors feature something most of their competitors do not – preinstalled doorbag mounts. Meaning, that if you want doorbags all you need to buy is the bags themselves and that you do not have to deal with the hassle of fully installing doorbags mounts. 

How Madigan Doors Attach To Your UTV

The design quality of Madigan doors is evident in every nook and cranny of the parts. This is perhaps most evident in how easy they make it to attach your new doors onto your UTV. Madigan doors easily bolt right on to the OEM mounting points – no matter what cage alterations you have done. These doors also come with a bracket that connects to the bottom of your OEM cage mount. Beyond that, all you need to do is resume your factory latches and you are good to go. These doors make it easy to install, swap out, and alter any other part of your cage. Meaning that you do not have to sacrifice performance or design on any other part of your vehicle to sport these doors. 

Check Out Our UTV Doors

Madigan makes a variety of doors to fit a variety of UTV makes and models. No matter what you choose, just make sure to check the Fitment tab on our site to make sure that the one you choose works for your vehicle.

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