An Isolator Makes Sense for  UTV Dual Battery Setups

Running a dual battery system on your UTV is the smartest way to ensure you always have enough juice to power your machine and accessories at the same time.

Here We Talk How To Install A UTV Dual Battery Isolator And What It Does

If you want to add a killer sound system, extra lights, or any other aftermarket add-ons, the best way to do it is by installing a second battery specifically dedicated to your non-essential electronics.

But a second battery can be a headache in UTVs. If any of your devices pull juice when they’re powered off, you could come back after a couple days of rest and find that your second battery is dead.

Before you know it, you’re buying new batteries regularly.

A better option is to use an isolator to keep your second battery working right—and make sure your machine never runs out of power.

What an Isolator Does

The True Am UTV Dual Battery Isolator connects easily to your primary and secondary batteries. 

Once installed, it keeps your second battery powered up by using the “overflow” charge from your first battery. Once your primary batter reaches a specific threshold of charge, the isolator sends the extra juice to your second battery. 

If the primary battery’s charge dips ever too low, the isolator automatically flips back and works to recharge your main battery before it runs out of juice.

Two Min Tuesday, UTV Dual Battery Isolator Overview And Breakdow

As an added benefit, the isolator won’t let your extra accessories zap your primary battery. If you’re hanging out and playing the radio while your UTV is off, you might run the secondary battery dead. But if you do, the isolator won’t let it draw power from the primary battery to keep going. 

This way, you’re never in danger of getting stuck somewhere without the power to drive home.

Easy to Use and Install

The True Am isolator is designed for machines already running two batteries. Thanks to its two-way design, which ensures it can’t be installed backwards, the isolator only takes about 30 minutes to add it onto your kit.

It works with dual battery setups on the RZR, Honda Talon, and X3 models.

The isolator connects directly to your batteries, so you don’t need to fiddle with your ignition or charging source. Not only does this keep the job simple, it also means that installing an isolator won’t void most UTV warranties. 

The isolator also offers protection against electrical surges that can happen when your machine starts up or unexpected voltage spikes that can result in electrical system failure.

Now Offering A Kit For Users With Lithium Batteries, See This UTV Lithium Dual Battery Wiring Kit

True Amalgamated Utv Dual Battery Wiring Kit, Smart Isolator With Meter

UTV Dual Battery Wiring, Full Setup with Smart Isolator and Meter.

Two Options

We offer two different True Am isolator kits. Both come with the isolator switch and the wiring you need to install it. 

For more technically minded drivers, one kit comes with a voltmeter that displays the readings for both batteries on your dash.

Utv Dual Battery Wiring Kit, Smart Isolator With Meter

UTV Dual Battery Isolator, Smart Switching Capabilities

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