Adding UTV side view mirrors to your machine is usually one of the first upgrades that new UTV owners make. Whether you want to keep an eye on who’s behind you or just want to back up without any surprises, installing mirrors on your UTV is downright essential. In many places in the U.S., side-view mirrors are required to drive on public roads.

But these days, mirrors don’t just reveal what’s behind you. Thanks to innovative ideas from companies like Sector Seven Products, side views have become one of the best ways to get a better look of what’s in front of your machine as well.

UTV Mirrors with lights have steadily gained popularity due to their ability to better illuminate the terrain to the front and side of your buggy. They make a great addition to light bars and can greatly enhance your field of view and depth of vision. 

Why Use Lights? 

Upgrading to mirrors with lights can make your machine ready for night driving, but that’s not all. 

Not only do lighted mirrors provide a wider range of illumination, they can also help you see the ground with greater clarity.

Over 4,000 Lumens Per Side, Making 8k Combined To Light The Night

Two Min Tuesday, We Talk UTV Mirrors. Specifically Sector Seven Spectrum LED Mirror's.

The best mirrors on the market are angled. Their lights help you see what’s coming at you from the side as well as the front. This is critical, especially when you’re in a race or plowing through a forest. There’s nothing worse than being surprised by something when you’re barreling down the dirt path. 


If your trail is being lit by only a 40-inch light bar fixed to the top of your cage, you can’t accurately judge dips in the terrain. Because the light is coming down at a steep angle, you lose the ability to gauge the depth of upcoming valleys. Side-view lights provide light from a different angle, giving you a fuller picture of what’s ahead. 

For that reason, many UTV owners, especially desert racers, prefer to run side-view lights in addition to a single 10-inch or 20-inch light bar. This setup makes financial sense. The combination is less expensive than installing a 40-inch light bar up top and cheap side-view mirrors. 

Sector Seven Spectrum LEDs

These convex mirrors provide a 210-degree view and a whopping 8,000 lumens of light per pair. Thanks to their stabilization technology, they absorb vibration and let you see clearly, even at high speeds. 

Each fully American-made mirror comes with fully customizable rings and clear lenses that can be swapped out for amber or yellow options that better cut through the dust and fog. 

These mirrors also feature fully adjustable breakaways, meaning that you decide how much force they’ll take before they fold backward. That makes them a great long-term investment because they won’t snap right off when you hit something. 


Each mirror comes ready to install with your choice of mounts, whether you prefer a universal mount, a threaded ball option, or a bung. Thanks to its smart design, the universal mount can be added to machines with windshields without needing a cutout. 

The Sector Seven Spectrum LED mirrors are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum and measure 8.5” x 5.5” X 3.” 

Each mirror comes with 3.5 feet of wiring and is fully compatible with Sector Seven switches. Wiring harness kits and switches are sold separately. 

Sector Seven Products

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