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Heretic Studio products are made in the USA in our own shop by our team of lighting experts and we are proud of that. Having all of our production in-house gives us the ability to be obsessive over every little detail, giving you the best possible LED lights you can find on the market. All of our lights start out as solid blocks of material and through our patented design process are machined into literal works of art. It is our goal as a company to constantly redefine the standards of the lighting industry and continually offer our customers the most premium lights you can buy. 

Get the best of both worlds by utilizing a combination of both clear and amber light bars at Heretic Studio We Give You The Best Options for All Lighting Area’s, See Below the Industry Leading Lineup: 

B D Ad Ab E Abdc Ae A C D
Fb Ce D A E E A Ce E Dda E F F
Da B D F B D E E B