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Agency Power Blow Off Valve For Can-Am Maverick X3 Models, Charge Tube Option

This Can-Am Maverick X3 Blow Off Valve Is Designed To Release Built Up Pressure In The Charge Side. Adjustable Spring To Easily Vent Off Or At Maximum PSI.

Adding a Blow Off Valve to the Can-Am Maverick turbo system is important to keep the performance up, while maintaining turbo life.

With an ECU tune and higher boost levels, the Can-Am can gain 10-15% more power over stock.

However unlike other turbocharged vehicles, there is no blow off valve or diverter valve on the turbo system.

The purpose of a BOV is not just to sound cool, but it is designed to release the pressure that is built up in the charge side of the system.

With nowhere to go, the pressure can cause turbulence to the impeller slowing the spool of the turbo down and causing premature wear.

By installing a blow off valve, you can improve boost response, prolong the life of the turbo, and of course, get that cool swoosh sound!

Why Should I install an Aftermarket Blow-off Valve?

Before making your decision, we must first know what a blow-off valve’s work is. A blow-off valve (BOV) is a pressure release system present in most turbocharged engines. Its main purpose is to take the load off the turbocharger when the throttle is suddenly closed.

A blow-off valve is a manifold vacuum-actuated valve designed to release pressure in the intake system of a turbocharged vehicle when the throttle is lifted or closed.

This type of valve is typically an aftermarket modification. The blow-off action produces a range of distinctive hissing sounds, depending on the exit design. Some blow-off valves are sold with a trumpet-shaped exit that intentionally amplifies the sound. Some turbocharged vehicle owners may purchase a blow-off valve solely for the auditory effect even when the function is not required by normal engine operation.

Blow-off valves are used to prevent compressor surge, a phenomenon that readily occurs when lifting off the throttle of an unvented, turbocharged engine. The sound produced is called turbo flutter. When the throttle plate on a turbocharged engine closes, with the turbine spinning at high speed, the flow reduces beyond the surge line of the compressor.

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Since the Can-Am Maverick does not come with a blow off valve, many companies like Agency Power manufacture a new blow off valve tube out of aluminum or silicone.

The Agency Power blow off valve for the Can-Am X3 and 1000R can be used in conjunction with any aftermarket turbo hose pipe that has a 1 inch BOV flange.

These charge tubes main purpose is to improve the air flow but also allow for the installation of a blow off valve.

The Agency Power valve is designed to be a 100% vent to atmosphere setup.

Each valve is machined from 6061 billet aluminum then anodized in a stealth black finish.

The top is laser engraved with the Agency Power cursive logo and directions for adjusting.

When the top of the valve rotates, this allows you to adjust the spring tension for your application.

You can set the valve to easily vent off pressure or be stiffer to only vent at maximum PSI.

Can-am Maverick X3 Blow Off Valve, Charge Tube Option
Can-am Maverick X3 Blow Off Valve, Charge Tube Option

If you want to install a blow off valve on the Can-Am X3, there is one problem…  No place for it!

However, this is now possible with the Agency Power silicone blow off charge tube and adjustable blow off valve.

The kit is designed to connect to the compressor side of your turbo and the plastic charge tube.

This 3 ply silicone tube allows you to install our adjustable blow off valve with a 1 inch flange.

The smooth inside of the silicone tube helps eliminate any turbulence caused by OEM corrugated designs.

To run a blow off valve on the X3, you need to pull vacuum which keeps the valve shut under boost.

Because there is no pressure source to tap into, we also include a special machined fitting which fits on to your intake manifold.

As an authorized Agency Power Dealer, American Off-Roads follows the product warranty directly through them.


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Warranty claims will not be fulfilled for incorrect installation, abuse, damage from accidents, and does not pertain to wearable items.  We have the right to refuse warranty based on any of these conditions.  This warranty is at our discretion only.  All products are intended for race use only and should be installed, and properly calibrated by professional service centers only.

We are not responsible for shipping costs to us, if the product is deemed to be a manufacturer defect we will repair or replace the product at our discretion, and return the product to the original sender.

Agency Power does not cover costs of labor, shipping, or other fees related to warranty or product installations.

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Can-Am Off Road Maverick X3 DS Turbo R 2020 - 2021
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Can-Am Off Road Maverick X3 Max X DS Turbo R 2017 - 2021
Can-Am Off Road Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo R 2017 - 2021
Can-Am Off Road Maverick X3 RS Turbo R 2020 - 2021
Can-Am Off Road Maverick X3 Turbo R 2017 - 2020
Can-Am Off Road Maverick X3 X DS Turbo R 2017 - 2020
Can-Am Off Road Maverick X3 X RS Turbo R 2017 - 2020

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