UTV Extinguisher Mounts

UTV Fire Extinguisher Mounts: Safety First

Ensure the safety of yourself and your UTV by equipping it with reliable fire extinguisher mounts. UTV extinguisher mounts are specially designed to securely hold fire extinguishers in place, providing quick and easy access in case of emergencies. With our high-quality extinguisher mounts, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared to handle potential fire hazards during your off-road adventures.

Our UTV fire extinguisher mounts are engineered for secure and stable attachment to your UTV’s roll cage or other suitable mounting points. They are designed to withstand the vibrations and jolts experienced during off-road riding, keeping the fire extinguisher firmly in place. The secure mounting ensures that the extinguisher is readily accessible when needed, even in rough terrain or unexpected situations.

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