Introducing PROTENG Automatic UTV Fire Suppression System.

Introducing Proteng Automatic Utv Fire Suppression System.

Hello To The Worlds first UTV Fire Suppression System, When you are out on your UTV or side by side there is only one thing you want to be thinking about: having a good time. Whether it’s just you out on your vehicle or you’re having a great time off-roading with your buddies and family, that’s what you want to be focused on. You want to be enjoying the thrill of riding on different terrains, enjoying the freedom being about to leave the road far behind you. 

What you don’t want to be thinking about is the danger that your vehicle could potentially pose, and if you would be able to notice that danger before it was too late.

One of the most intense dangers you can face in your machine is the possibility of the engine catching on fire. There are many reasons why a UTV or Side by Side could catch on fire, but all of them lie in the mechanics of the vehicle. The true danger is that you might not notice the flames underneath or behind you with enough time to safely be able to exit your vehicle. In 2016 there was a string of accidents involving engine fires in UTV’s, and there were even deaths and major injuries associated with the incidents.

To keep you from needing to be constantly thinking about the threat of fire while you are out trying to enjoy your time, the smart people at PROTENG have come up with an Automatic Fire Suppression system to protect you and give you time to get out of your vehicle safely.

American Off-Roads Introduce a Fire Safety Product For UTV's & Side by Sides.

The issue with other fire suppression systems can be the need for human awareness. They require you to push a button, to know that something is on fire. Sometimes these systems require connections, batteries, and maintenance that defeats the point of having something that you can be sure will keep you safe regardless of your awareness.

The PROTENG UTV Automatic Fire Suppression HD system is a flexible tube that wraps around your engine, giving your 360 degrees of protection from flames anywhere in the engine compartment of your vehicle. This tube is full of FM-200 gas that when heated enough will combust and deploy 3-4 feet in all directions, both suppressing flames and giving your time to safely exit your vehicle without fear of harm. The pressure of the gas deploying creates a loud audible puff that lets you know something has set off the gas and alerts you to the need to leave your vehicle.

Best of all this FM-200 gas is non-corrosive, non-residue leaving, and environmentally clean. It’s gas that is used in inhalers used around the world every day. You don’t have to worry about the system to you have to save your life, ruining your engine in the process. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family and friends are safe, and your vehicle can be repaired without fear of the gas destroying it fully.

In the product information on this product, we have an installation guide and a how-to video that will show you how to install this floating system easily with all the needed items enclosed in the packaging of the system.

No longer will there be a need to hope that, in the event of some fire causing emergency, you notice flames from the corner of your eye, or catch the smell of burning early enough to get out of your vehicle.

New Product Alert - First Every UTV Specific Automatic Fire Suppression System

Proteng FAQ:

What is Proteng UTV Fire Suppression?

The device is a plastic tube that wraps your UTV engine compartment, inside the tube is FM-200 liquid that begins to turn to gas under hotter temperatures. When fire comes into contact with the tube the tube bursts open releasing the gas to eliminate heat in the fire process.

Is Proteng Clean?

Yes, when the FM-200 is released the gas leaves no residue or powders.

Where does Proteng UTV go?

The tube wraps around your UTV or side by side engine compartment to provide 360 fire suppression around your engine.

Is Proteng UTV Automatic?

Yes, there are not buttons, sensors or triggers to activate the Proteng tube. The tube can be deployed at any point that flames/heat come into contact with.

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