UTV Sand Paddle Tires, Talon Edition Set

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Sandcraft Motorsports UTV Talon Paddle Sand Tires with Mohawk Front Set

By providing the finest UTV Paddle tires on the market, Sandcraft Motorsports guarantees the best off-road experience for any side-by-side enthusiast by helping their machine achieve the maximum Performance.

For the best sand paddle tires in the UTV market, you can trust the industry leader, Sandcraft Motorsports.

We are the first to research & develop specific paddle tires & mate them to exact horsepower ratings for optimal performance.

This is critical to tailor your specific characteristics which results in more power to the ground and less stress on a UTV’s drivetrain, transmission, & belts.

Sandcraft Makes 5 Different Rear Sand Paddle Tires, All Have The Same High Performance Mohawk Front Tires Included.

These Sandcraft Destroyer Talon Paddle Sand Tires Offer a Paddle that is  7/8″ tall and 14″ width Paddle that covers the whole tire to provide better traction

Not sure what paddle tires you need? Use the horsepower chart below to compare.

2 Rear Tires and 2 Front Tires Kit-

Front Mohawk Front Tires:

To complete the Extreme set, the rear paddle tires are accompanied with our 2-ply rated UTV specific Mohawk Front Tires that help pull you front tires in 4-wheel drive.

These have been designed to eliminate the push when turning on standard buffed tires.

Our tires are ruff buffed for better traction and display a Mohawk width of 1 3/4″ & height of 1/4″ down the tires center to improve steering. See More Below

F D Power Chart

This Chart Shows The Different Sandcraft Sand Paddle Tires Options in relation to horsepower rating. Sandcraft Makes 5 Different Tire Options in Different Sizes and Paddle Counts

You Can See The Names at the Bottle Of The Different Styles Sandcraft Makes, On The Different Tire Styles There are Different Size Options and The Number Of Paddles That Are On Each Tire.

We Sell All 5 Styles, On Each Style Product Page You Have Options To choose Size and Paddle Count.

What Are Sandcraft Talon Paddle Tires:

These Sandcraft Destroyer Talon Paddle Sand Tires Offer a Paddle that is  7/8″ tall and 14″ width Paddle that covers the whole tire to provide better traction and give you a better grip for larger, heavier, and higher horsepower machines.

Choose Your Size and Paddle Count Above.

Utv Sand Paddle Tires, Talon Edition Set

MoHawk Front Tires Included

D F E Mowhawk Front Sheet

Sandcraft Destroyer Mohawk Fronts:

  • 2-ply rated (UTV specific)
  • Ruff-buffed for better traction
  • Helps pull UTV in 4-wheel drive
  • Designed to eliminate push when turning on standard buffed tires

Paddle Tire Questions and Answers - FAQ

Are All Sandcraft Paddle Tires Destroyers, What Options Are There?

Yes, Destroyers Is The Brand and We Provide Different Styles Of Each depending On Horsepower ratings from 100hp up to 400+hp. The Chart On This Page Will Show You The Difference Between The Extremes, Talons, Rippers, Demons and Diggers Style of Tires

How Much Do Your Destroyers Weight?

We Aim To Provide Some Of The Lightest Sand Tires Around, Each Style Product Pages give you the weights of each tire option.

Why Are Paddle Tires Buffed?

We ruff buff our tires to provide the lightest weight tires possible and providing the most grip possible to pull away from the competitors.

Why Are Your Tires Not Buffed On The Sidewalls?

Keeping our sidewalls not buffed provides less body roll in turns, this also provides longer durability and less chance of tires leaking out of the sidewalls. With over 20 Plus years of dune ridding our experience not buffing the sideways gives you the best paddle setup for several years without failure. 

Why Do Your Front Tires Have a Mohawk?

This Mohawk Design provides 2 major advantages in a front tire, one it pulls harder in four wheel drive and two as a steer tire it limits the of pushing outwards while in turns like a standard buffed front tire.

What Paddle Tire Do You Recommend?

Choosing different Destroyer Paddle Tire Options comes down to horsepower, its traditionally not determined by what model machine you have. See The horsepower chart on this page to understand which style tire you need compared to the horsepower your machine has.

I Want To Drag Race, What Do You Recommend?

Our Digger Paddle Tires are the Most Aggressive Style We Carry but you should always check the horsepower rating chart to determine the best style for you. You would loose speed and performance if put to large of paddles on a under horse-powered machine.

What Does Rollout Mean and Why do Front Tires have a Taller Rollout Then Rears?

Rollout tells you the exact circumference/outer diameter in inches of your paddle tire which can also tell you the diameter with the correct formula: E.G 102(rollout) / 3.14 (Pi) = 32.5″ Exact Diameter 

Accordion Panel

We aim to be as true as possible when it comes to our tires heights, you can use the rollout formula above to understand the size you need. 

I am Looking For The Best All Around Dune Tire?

Great, We recommend our Extreme or Talon Paddle tires for the best all around dune riding. The two styles give you the best of both worlds, great for bowl riding and full top speed with little restriction. 

Are Your Tires Specific to UTV's, Also What Ply Tire are They?

Yes our Tires are designed specifically for UTV’s and Side by Sides, during manufacturing and design they are rated Only for UTV’s and Side by Sides with a 2 Ply Rating for the lightest construction possible. 

It’s All About Rotating MASS and We Get It.

Learn More About Sandcraft Motorsports:

Sandcraft Motorsports proudly crafts all of our products by hand in the U.S.A. We build our parts to withstand the toughest of conditions, as long as they have been installed correctly and have not been modified, altered, improperly installed or otherwise not used as originally intended. We carry a limited guarantee our parts for life to the original purchaser from failures that are due to craftsmanship, material failure or any other factors that are determined to be our responsibility.

Any In Stock items will be shipped within 24-36 hours of order processing Monday through Friday, orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed Monday. Your order confirmation will be updated as soon as shipping is setup.

Any Production Run Items range from 5-10 Business Days and will ship once ready, your order confirmation will be updated as soon as shipping is setup.

Sand Paddle Tires – We Try to Stock all Standard sizes but inventory does change daily and if we are currently in a production run for Tires it could take 6-8 weeks.

UTV Seats – These are Custom Seats and if we currently in a production run for them we expect to ship in 3-4 weeks.

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