Proteng Automatic UTV Fire Suppression System

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Proteng Automatic Utv Fire Suppression System

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PROTENG UTV Automatic Fire Suppression System for UTV’s.

The Industries First Fully Automatic UTV Fire Suppression System designed specifically for UTV’s and Side by Sides, Check out the next level of fire safety now.

As UTV riders know safety is one of the first add on accessories, from adding safety harnesses, upgrading your cage to adding upgraded bearings and components.

But what about you if your engine compartment started on fire…
Do you feel like you would have the time to get out of your side by side?
What about even knowing it caught fire while moving?
Are you able to get to a traditional fire extinguisher?

That’s why PROTENG® has created a patented, FULLY automatic fire suppression system like no other. It is completely self-contained and is heat-activated. This revolutionary system is environmentally friendly and meets the highest world standards.

There is no button to press, no pin to pull, no human action required. There are no batteries, no nozzles, no connections necessary–it all starts with this tube…

Kit Includes:

1 Tube  – 8 feet in length
Large Zip Straps – 12
High Heat Zip Straps – 33
High Heat Hose Protection – 1 foot length
Clean Cutting Wire Cutters
Pair of Gloves

Proteng Automatic Utv Fire Suppression System
Proteng UTV Fire Suppression system in action

Each tube contains a measured amount of a liquid gas extinguishing agent FM-200® (heptafluoropropane) calculated to cover the volume of air space. FM-200® has a boiling point of approximately 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit. In the fire triangle where there is fuel => heat=> oxygen, FM-200® removes heat. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, leaves no residue and poses no environmental threats. This gas is also used as a propellant in asthma inhalers.

With having a tube wrapped around your engine compartment the fire can start on any side and the tube can respond, unlike a traditional system that uses a sensor that is in one location and you have to question the area most likely to have a fire.

The tubes are installed individually with only 1 tube protecting the UTV engine area. They respond to heat. As the temperature increases the liquid turns to gas, then the gas expands and becomes pressurized. At the same time, the polyamide tube begins to weaken (get softer) causing the tube to rupture releasing the extinguishing agent with force (over 300 psi) to the precise area with the highest temperature. The activation is in milliseconds.

With having a tube wrapped around your engine compartment the fire can start on any side and the tube can respond, unlike a traditional systems that use a nozzle which is mounted in one location the Proteng tube wraps the engine bay and protects at every angle.

About Proteng UTV Fire Suppression System
Motor Trend and American OffRoads About Proteng UTV Fire Suppression System


Proteng UTV Fire Suppression System Install FAQ

This device is warrantied for manufacturing defects only up until installation. We recommend following the included install FAQ and watching the install video to help guide you in installing of this device. This will help maximize the effectiveness of this device.

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  1. Question


    Has this been tested in this application? With the engine totally exposed I don’t think it work since it is a product designed for an enclosed space. Do you have any testing videos or case studies showing that this is effective for a UTV?

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    • aor

      Good afternoon, This is designed as a fire suspension system to buy you time to get out before its to late compared to an extinguisher situation which is designed to completely put the fire out. This is because of the open area around the engine like you mentioned, so when this was designed the amount of FM Gas that is in the tube is much larger then actually needed for that amount of surface area. So when the unit is deployed it does fill the area with FM Gas to kill the fire but every condition is different because of winds, speed, position of the fire etc. and the amount of fire that it will knock out varies compared to a enclosed engine compartment like a truck that it will completely knock out.

      But what it does very well is notifies you that there is a fire with the deployment of the FM because you will hear the pop and will also control the fire to the point of allowing you to get to safety before the entire vehicle is in flames. The overall issue with UTV Fires is it doesn’t take long for the entire vehicle to be burning to the point no fire extinguisher will help.

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